Tree Planting


Tree Planting

Over the years, more people are realizing the importance of tree planting. Most home owners either residential or commercial will accommodate some greenery in their landscape. There are different types of trees available for planting in the market.

Why Hire A Professional For Tree Planting?

Here at LTRC- Tree Specialist, we have a team of trained and certified arborists who understand what is best for your garden or yard. We provide and guarantee the best tree care through out

We choose the best tree for your yard based on factors such as the soil type, moisture conditions, and climatic factors of the region.

Our team has the best equipment to plant any tree of your choice.

We also offer soil and position analysis to determine if your chosen spot will help nurture a healthy tree in years to come.

Why Should You Consider Planting Trees In Your Yard?

  • Trees add beauty to your backyard making it presentable and a place that you and your guest look forward to hanging out.

  • Trees play an essential role in landscape design. As a result, your property value increases enabling you to sell at a profit if you opt to.

  • Trees help to cool off the yard especially during summer thus lowering your energy bills.

  • Trees clean our local ecosystem thus providing clean and breathable air.

  • Trees reduce the impact of rain on your compound by diverting floods.

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