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Tree Removal

At LTRC-Tree Specialists, we have a qualified team of arborist who are well-trained to handle various cases. Our team will save you the energy and time by providing excellent services. We understand that tree removal is not as easy as it sounds.

We guarantee safety both for our clients and our team during this exercise. Our professional team exercises due diligence allowing you to tend to other activities as we take care of the tree. Your safety is our priority.

LTRC-Tree Specialists guarantees you quality tree removal services at an affordable price. Get to enjoy quality services within your budget.

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Stump Grinding

Tree stumps in your residential or commercial compound do not only make your space look unkempt but are also dangerous. Dead and rotten tree stumps harbor bacteria, fungus and parasites which cause health hazards.

Stump grinding is the final step of tree removal. The grinding process ensures that there is no trace of the tree on the surface.We not only guarantee delivering quality services but also ensure that your compound is well-cleaned up after the work is complete.

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Trimming & Shaping

Residential and commercial property owners plant trees in their compound to enhance appearance and create a shade. However, sometimes the space is limiting resulting to unhealthy growth.

The need for shaping and trimming is dependent of the type, shape, size and maturity rate of a tree. Therefore, it is important to consult with a professional before trimming and shaping the shears. Our company continues to offer quality services over the years to match the various market needs

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Disaster & Emergency Services  24-Hour

Nature and weather conditions are unpredictable. Cases of heavy rains, storms and landslides can result to unwanted destruction of property. It can be overwhelming to get your space to its initial position after such situations.

Disaster and emergency tree services are offered to help you clean up the mess without much stress. LTRC- Tree Specialists ensures that your space is restored with ease.

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Storm Clean up | 24-Hour

Strong winds, heavy rains, tornadoes and ice storms during winter are common in some areas. These extreme weather conditions can cause damage to the trees within your compound extending the havoc to your property. Dead tree limbs are ripped out and scattered all over your compound during these weather conditions.

In such cases, you will need a few services to restore your residential or commercial area as it was before. Storm clean-up is the right choice of service for you during such a scenario.

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Tree Planting

Over the years, more people are realizing the importance of tree planting. Most home owners either residential or commercial will accommodate some greenery in their landscape. There are different types of trees available for planting in the market.

Here at LTRC- Tree Specialists, we have a team of trained and certified arborists who understand what is best for your garden or yard. We provide and guarantee the best tree care through out

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Land Clearance

Rapid and effective removal of trees, brush, and other greenery from residential land can involve massive, specialized machinery. Luckily, you can count on LTRC-Tree Specialists to get the job done for you. Our team is trained to operate these complex equipment. LTRC-Tree Specialists is Georgia’s #1 choice for residential land clearance.
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Free Wood Chips

Here at LTRC-Tree Specialists we offer free wood chips. Keep in mind that deliveries are made when we are in your area and need to dump the truck. The lead time may be several weeks.

Please feel free to contact us to be put in our system for this free service we offer, or if you have any questions.

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