About LTRC Tree Specialists


About LTRC-Tree Specialists

LTRC-Tree Specialists takes pride in helping clients with their tree issues, we accomplish this by listening to the needs of our clients and providing services that work best for their needs and their budget.  From low impact tree removal to selective pruning, LTRC-Tree Specialists will work hard until the customer is happy. This is our guarantee.

LTRC-Tree Specialists is a division of LTRC-Ops, Inc. started by former US Army Ranger Grant McGarry.  Grant started LTRC-Tree Specialists because he is passionate about trees and when it comes to removing them he loves the process.

LTRC-Tree Specialists mission is to provide excellent customer service and we guarantee that we will work hard until the customer is satisfied and happy.

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We offer discounts for Active Duty Military, National Guard, Reserves, and Veterans.

Give us a call at 404-288-5872 or contact us online to learn more.

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The LTRC Story

LTRC is more than a name.  It is a lifestyle that makes our company the best Landscape Tree Removal Company in the industry. The culture at LTRC stems from Grant McGarry and his time serving in Special Operations as an Army Ranger.  What Grant was trained to do and did while serving with the greatest leaders in the most hazardous places in the world has been implemented into the fabric of the LTRC culture – from the ground to the tree tops of Georgia.

Meet Our Team

Grant McGarry

Grant McGarry

CTSP (Certified Treecare Safety Professional)

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George Dasovich

George Dasovich

ISA Certified Arborist
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Troy Richmond

Troy Richmond

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Harley Jones

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Adam Webster

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Dustin Dawson

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A note from Grant McGarry:

After reflecting on my five deployments with the elite 75th Ranger Regiment I was able to identify what makes Army Rangers so special.  In the Ranger Regiment you are willing to sacrifice everything for your buddy to your left and right and would rather do so than fail.  This culture is created through a creed in which to live by – the Ranger Creed.  As a result of this lifestyle Rangers are able to adapt and overcome all obstacles.  With this realization and desire to create something great I named my business LTRC (Live the Ranger Creed) to embody this culture.

More importantly I followed my passion to create something that would allow me to lead and motivate teams.  Furthermore, I wanted to lead teams that collectively accomplish tasks that serve and please customers.  Overtime, LTRC has evolved and adopted a double meaning – LTRC (Landscape Tree Removal Company).

At LTRC I have implemented my attention to detail and discipline that is essential to an Army Rangers success.  In addition, I have trained my crews on the importance of communication and care of equipment so that we can mitigate the risk of removing dead, dying and/or hazardous trees.  Lastly, neatness of dress and respect for our customers at LTRC is second to none.  Our culture is elite, we are precise in our actions and failure is not an option.


Grant McGarry

LTRC-Ops, Inc. | President

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